Futurabond NR (Code: )

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Nano reinforced single step self-etch adhesive in a SingleDose or bottle delivery system


Light-cured self-etch adhesive for direct restorations with light-cured filling materials for all cavity classes


  •  Over 30 MPa adhesion to dentin and enamel
  •  No post-operative sensitivities (The Dental Advisor)
  •  Reinforced with nano particles
    - increased bonding values
    - increased marginal integrity
  •  Fast and easy one-coat application (apply, dry, cure in 35 sec.)
  •  Moisture tolerant
  •  No refrigeration or shaking necessary
  •  Contains fluorides

Futurabond NR in practical SingleDose

  • No solvent evaporation – perfect chemistry each use
  • Easy, quick and hygienic – one-step activation blister
  • No additional devices required
  • No spilling in any position
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