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​PermaQuick Primer has a one-of-a-kind chemistry. The tissue-kind, ethyl alcohol primer contains natural, light polymerizable resins that help facilitate penetration into hydrophilic dentin substrates. These natural resins also provide a degree of elasticity, dissipating curing stresses and creating higher flexibility. PermaQuick Primer provides the optimum preparation for PermaQuick Bonding Resin, which is a 45% filled, fluoride-releasing, light-cured bonding resin that penetrates into primer-treated tubules and inter-tubular spaces. PermaQuick Bonding Resin is as radiopaque as dentin.
  • Rated highest bond strength by Reality
  • Bonding resin is radiopaque
  • Primer is kind to tissue, 1.82 pH
  • Places directly
  • Cures with all lights
  • Over a period of two years, PermaQuick provided the second highest bond strength of the products tested2
With minimal film thickness, PermaQuick is ideal for indirect bonding. It is also used alone as an enamel bonding resin. Wet composite as needed between incremental layers or when sculpting. It bonds to cast metal, porcelain, amalgam, dentin/enamel, and composite.

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