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Peak SE Primer is a self-etching primer mixed and delivered in the unique JetMix™ syringe. JetMix technology separates precise quantities of strong 1.2pH acid and optimized priming resin to prevent the hydrolytic breakdown and degradation that occurs with other self-etch chemistries. Components are kept separate until the clinician activates them.  Peak SE Primer is used with Peak Universal Bond to achieve unsurpassed bond strengths.

  • Top-rated bond strengths by an independent non-profit dental education and product testing institute11
  • Delivers fresh, stable chemistry
  • Facilitates an easy, one-coat technique
  • Places precisely and conveniently
  • Eliminates the need for mixing wells or brushes​

Ideal for all light-accessible bonding procedures, the Peak Self-Etch Adhesive System can also be used for immediate dentin sealing prior to impressions and temporization in order to decrease post-op and cementation sensitivity.  Works well for bonding veneers.
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