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Peak® Adhesive System

  • For the total-etch and self-etch techniques
  • Superior bond strength
  • Impressive marginal integrity
  • Direct syringe delivery for fast, waste-free application
  • Virtually eliminates post-op sensitivity

Bonding agents have to fulfill a wide range of very exacting demands, and it is impossible for a single product to offer maximum bond strength and optimal marginal integrity in every situation. The Peak Adhesive System sets new standards. The dentist decides whether the total-etch (etch and rinse) or self-etch (no-rinse) technique is preferable - with Peak, the results are always reliable and durable. Even after thermocycling and mechanical loading, the composite/dentin and composite/enamel junction is virtually invisible under the microscope.

Peak® - Total-Etch System (Etch and Rinse)

The "conventional" method with proven top results: the Peak Total-Etch System. This technique is used successfully for all direct restorations. Whether a  normal cavity, sclerotic dentin, or unground enamel - Ultra-Etch and Peak LC Bond achieve a reliable, strong bonding layer.

The enamel and dentin are etched with the 35% phosphoric acid gel, Ultra-Etch, for 15 seconds, and then rinsed off. Surface water is blown away. Peak LC Bond is applied directly from the syringe, air thinned and light cured.

Peak® LC Bond

  • Light-cured single-component bonding agent
  • With 7.5% nanofillers for optimal viscosity
  • Ethyl alcohol as solvent, for reliable penetration
  • Effective direct application with the Inspiral Brush Tip
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