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About Us

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OCEANWEALTH HORIZON was established in year 2007. Throughout the year, we have strived to endorse some well-known world brand to offer our customer a comprehensive product portfolio for equipment & laboratory, clinical and implant.

As the distributor of world-class dental supplies and equipment, we offer a comprehensive selection for every level of our customer base. We believe Oceanwealth Horizon’s advantage in the market lies in our approach to the business, in that we place great emphasis on the educational aspect of each product that we bring to our customers, in a process that we call education selling.

We believe that in providing our customer with all the necessary information as well as expert instruction as to the use and functionality of each product, we provide our customers with a value-added service like no other distributor.

We also partner with the established leaders in the market, manufacturers of top quality, world class dental supplies and equipment from the United State, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the UK, just to name a few.

Our diverse range of supplies, equipment, services and technology options will support your office through its entire life cycle, providing you with ways to improve efficiency and performance; streamline workflow and realize greater profitability.