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Renfert, a company with a traditionally strong and pronounced sense of quality awareness, was one the first dental companies to qualify for the DIN ISO 9001 certification, in as early as 1994. Since 2004 Renfert has been certified in compliance with the quality standard EN ISO 13485 and is regularly examined by an independent body.

Garantie Kalender gross

Renfert was one of the first manufacturers to introduce the 3-year guarantee back in 1997. This pioneering decision was a signal that started a new understanding of customer care and relations. Because you save trouble, time and money when the machines you purchase function reliably. The illusion that cheaper products often bring is soon put aside when the equipmentdoesn’t work and decides to fail you at the very moment you need it most.


From the practice for the practice

Renfert products have lots of little functionalities and added value which make your daily routine noticeably easier. Many only notice them once they have worked with the products intensively. And then they don't want to miss them ever again. Think about the following and how you could handle this situation in your present device.


Is it possible to fall in love with a functional device?

So many of our customers say it is.

Granted, this is not only due to it's great appearance.

Even so, just because there are some products which aren't normally on show, doesn't mean they can look like the back end of a bus.

It is important to feel comfortable in the place where you spend your whole working day. Renfert product designs are characterised by a combination of high quality, durable materials and accurate workmanship.

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