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Bien Air

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Top quality products for dental medicine

Bien-Air Dental is the worldwide largest manufacturer of superlative quality micromotors for dental medicine. 

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In 1959, David Mosimann, an inventive precision mechanic with a very entrepreneurial mindset, decided to set up his own business by founding Bien-Air. The company expanded continually, and in 2001 it created two spin-off companies, Bien-Air Dental and Bien-Air Surgery, with a view to providing perfectly adapted specialist services.The company, located in Switzerland, has its head office in Bienne, while its other two production and assembly plants are in the Jura region. Well established in « Watch Valley », with its cultural heritage of research, high precision and practical ingenuity, the company creates and manufactures all its products locally, from A to Z!

Bien-Air today has more than 350 employees in Switzerland and worldwide. Its products are distributed through its subsidiaries and competent retailers. At the same time, more than 120 technicians provide fast, efficient after sales service. The companies of Bien-Air Holding remain under the control of the Mosimann family, ensuring the group's independence, stability and continuity.

Over the years, Bien-Air has evolved from being a manufacturer of Swiss Made instruments to a customized line designer. The key idea is to reduce the number of instruments and devices to a minimum for performing a maximum of operations!

This strategy has enabled Bien-Air continually to improve the efficiency of its instruments, increase the capacity of its electronic controls and develop new systems.



  1. 310,000 rpm, 2.7 bars, 1 spray, push-button bur locking, fast, rotating connection for Unifix coupling
  2. Ref. 1600373-001
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Black Pearl ECO 4-way

  1. 310,000 rpm, 2.5 bars, 1 spray, push-button bur locking, 4-way direct connection
  2. Ref. 1600040-001
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