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The VALO Story​​​​​​​

Rated the #1 dental curing light of 2010 by Reality magazine, an independent evaluator of dental products, VALO has set itself apart as a leader in the field.

Its slim, wand-like body is unlike any other curing light on the market. Not only is it lightweight and easy to handle, but it offers unprecedented access even in difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth.

VALO emits a broad spectrum of wavelengths that polymerize all dental materials — even those not cured by most LED lights — and a specially designed lens that provides a uniquely concentrated cure. When compared with several other leading curing lights during a MARC (Managing Accurate Resin Curing) test, VALO demonstrated a more powerful and consistent cure.

Add the fact that VALO has three user-friendly modes — Standard, High Power, and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation) mode — and it’s easy to see why clinicians around the world are choosing VALO.

the right design


The first of its kind, VALO starts as a solid bar of tempered, high-grade, aircraft aluminum, which is CNC precision milled at Ultradent's facility in Utah, USA.

valo-machined-uni-body valo-machined-uni-body-2

True uni-body construction via machining ensures VALO's durability and unsurpassed heat dissipation, and facilitates the elegant, ergonomic, and streamlined design that enables VALO to access areas other curing lights simply cannot reach.​


The Right Power



High-Tech Circuitry


VALO's high-tech circuitry produces three curing modes: Standard, High Power, and Xtra Power (Plasma Emulation). VALO is three lights in one!



Collimated Beam


VALO's optimally collimated beam ensures that VALO maintains its power density and uniformly cures over a range of surfaces and working distances.



Custom LED pack


VALO's custom LED pack, with lights (or "chips") of three wavelengths, enables VALO to cure all proprietary photoinitiators and the entire range of camphorquinone.

The Right Place



Low-profile design


VALO's low-profile design accesses hard-to-reach spots, even in smaller mouths. It also improves the cure, since the beam is parallel to the restoration site, rather than angled.


No more overstretching

VALO's slim design prevents the overstretching of the TMJ and soft tissues that can occur with other lights.