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Durr Dental


Almost anyone who has ever visited a doctor or dentist has already been treated with products from Dürr Dental! This family-run German company has been a reliable partner of dental/medical practitioners for 70 years.

Today, dental/medical practitioners around the world are pleased to trust in the engineering designs of Dürr Dental. The company offers numerous system solutions in the fields of compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care, and hygiene. "With its developments, Dürr Dental is setting standards for innovation and technology. We have the right solution for all requirements" stresses Martin Dürrstein. To ensure the highest possible level of quality, the company carries out practically all production within the business location of Germany.


VS 300 S

For one treatment chair and one treatment room.

Treatment chairs = Number of treatment chairs that can be supplied simultaneously
Treatment rooms = Number of treatment chairs that can be connected with a simultaneity factor of 60%


  1. Installation and operating instructions VS 300 S / VS 600 / VS 900 combi-suction unit

    PDF, 706.45 KB

  2. Installation Note Bacterial Filter for Single-Place Suction Unit

    PDF, 1.43 MB

  3. Operating instructions cleaning and disinfecting of suction units

    PDF, 586.03 KB

  4. Installation and operating instructions bypass nozzle

    PDF, 263.82 KB

  5. Installation and Operating Instructions Dürr Soundproof Housing

    PDF, 535.67 KB

  6. Installation instructions air condition set 7122-981-50 and -51

    PDF, 336.67 KB

  7. Installation Instruction Exhaust Bacterial Filter for Suction machines and Clinic Suction machines

    PDF, 461.83 KB

  8. VS suction systems

    PDF, 1.80 MB

  9. Installation and operating instructions VS 300 S / VS 600 / VS 900 / VS 1200 S combi-suction unit

    PDF, 1.72 MB

  10. Dürr Dental appliances and electro-magnetic compatibility according to EN60601-1-2

    PDF, 163.80 KB

  11. brochure V/VS suction system

    PDF, 2.13 MB


tornado 1 membran trocknungsanlage 03

Tornado 1 - Super Silent

The Tornado is one of the quietest compressors for dentistry on the market – yet it is extremely powerful. The aerodynamic ventilation fan hood around the compressor unit ensures really quiet running, thus improving the comfort of both dentist and patient.

  1. Oil-free, dry, and hygienic
  2. One of the quietest of its kind
  3. Central intake filter
  4. High reliability thanks to closed crankcase
  5. available with or without membrane-drying unit

Tornado 1 - economical and efficient

For decades now already the Tornado compressor series has stood for high quality at a great price. For the new generation of compressors, cost-effectiveness has been increased even further and their energy consumption has been reduced by approx. 15 %. So you save on costs whilst protecting the environment!

  1. Approx. 15 % less energy consumption
  2. Individual voltage variants for easy installation
  3. “Made in Germany“ quality seal