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Raypex 6

raypex6 en

High-tech apex locator for precise length determination 


Sets new standards with respect to user-friendliness and design

  1. Unique 3-D style colour touch screen
  2. Smart user interface
  3. “Plug-and-start” and “plug-and-check” features provide visual cues for enhanced ease of use
  4. Rechargeable battery
  5. Foldable, pocket-sized design

Precise length determination

  1. Latest multi-frequency apex locator technology
  2. Automatic calibration
  3. Separate RAYPEX® Apical Zoom shows the enlarged section between apical constriction and apical foramen



Coloured Apical Zoom
raypex screen 1 reypex screen 2-3 raypex screen 4
Blue section:
approaching the apical region
Green to yellow section:
projection of the region showing apical constriction to apical foramen - relevant section to determine the working length
Red warning dot:
Case of over–instrumentation
as measuring file has passed
the apical foramen.

User-friendly interface
Unique colour touch screen for smart operation
Intuitive menu for setting options

display 1

DEMO mode for clear information to patient
Built-in CHECK mode for smooth functional test of device and cables, in case of questionable measuring result: Automatic “plug-and-check” with visual cues
display 2 demo display 3 demo display 4 demo
External tester: to be
plugged in the device
Automatic CHECK procedure:
results either in ERROR or OK response
Customisation for individual preference
raypex personalisierung 1 raypex personalisierung 2 raypex personalisierung 3
Choice between 2 sounds and
2 background display colours
Easy setting of optional Dr´s Choice apical line



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