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A-dec 200



You have essential requirements for your dental equipment. Your dental equipment needs to work when you do. It needs to be comfortable for your dental team and your patients. And, it needs to be priced to fit your budget.

Solution: A-dec 200.

A-dec 200 is a complete system packed with features for added accessibility and comfort–all at a great value and all from the people who build the most dependable dental equipment in the world, A-dec.

A-dec 200 includes dental chair, delivery system, assistant’s instrumentation, dental light, and support center with cuspidor.


Durable: With A-dec 200, you get robust dental equipment engineered to withstand years of constant use.

Advanced features:  A-dec 200 is designed to meet your specific requirements and enhance patient care with increased chair-ride comfort, efficient touchpad control, and improved light performance.

Convenient: Available in a complete system–all the dental equipment you need for an up-to-date, technology-ready dental operatory.


A-dec 200 is a complete dental operatory system that includes dental chair, delivery system, assistant’s instrumentation, dental light, and support center with cuspidor.

Dental Chair
  1. Double-articulating headrest. Adjusts easily for improved comfort for you and your patients.
  2. Locking 2-position swiveling armrests. Provides easy patient entry and exit.
  3. Reliable hydraulic-lift system. Results in ultra-quiet, smooth chair movement.
  4. Ergonomically synchronized seat articulation. Ensures patient comfort when chair is in motion.
  5. 300-watt power supply. Provides more than enough power for the whole system; powers light and additional ancillary devices.
Delivery System
  1. Open platform design. Allows you to add new technology as your practice changes and technology evolves.
  2. 5 adjustable holders. Pivots so you can position your instruments for maximum comfort.
  3. Integrated work surface. Provides room for two standard trays.
  4. Adjustable handle. Positions so you can easily guide the delivery system into a comfortable angle.
  5. Optional touchpad. Operates chair, light, and cuspidor to put functionality at your fingertips.
Assistant’s Instrumentation
  1. Telescoping arm. Allows comfortable access to vacuum instruments while performing 2- or 4-handed dentistry.
  2. 3-position holder. Accommodates High Volume Evacuator (HVE), Saliva Ejector (SE), and optional syringe and touchpad.
  3. Adjustable holders. Rotates as a group and pivots independently to allow customized instrument positioning.
Dental Light
  1. 3 axes light head. Lets you position the light at just the right angle for you and your patient.
  2. Auto On/Off function with optional touchpad. Turns the dental light on automatically when the chair reaches the treatment position and turns it off in the entry/exit position.
  3. Two intensity settings. Includes a high and composite setting that reduces the chance for premature composite curing.
Support Center with Cuspidor
  1. Stain-resistant, porcelain cuspidor. Rotates toward the patient for easy access.
  2. Self-contained, 2-liter water bottle. Provides a continuous water supply through multiple procedures.
  3. Ample storage room inside support center. Accommodates ancillaries such as an amalgam separator and vacuum system.