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Inspired to find a simpler and safer way to successfully prepare a root canal, whilst complying with the highest quality requirements, VDW developed RECIPROC®. In a reciprocating movement RECIPROC® prepares root canals easily, safely and fast. It’s even possible to prepare canals with difficult anatomies with predictable results using just one instrument.

RECIPROC® is a brand new concept of root canal preparation


  1. One instrument prepares a root canal to a greater taper
  2. No need to change instruments
  3. No hand filing in the majority of cases
  4. Easy to learn*


  1. The risk of instrument fracture is minimised due to precise reciprocation settings in the VDW RECIPROC® motors
  2. Safer for patient and personnel due to pre-sterilised, single-use instruments
  3. Less likelihood of procedural errors*
  4. Greater resistance to cyclic fatique and greater flexibility due to M-Wire® nickel-titanium*


  1. Less work steps
  2. No cleaning and sterilising of instruments
  3. Total working time is reduced by up to 75%*

RECIPROC® Instruments

There is a choice of three RECIPROC® instrument sizes according to the type of root canal. Instruments are delivered ready-to-use, pre-sterilised in blister packaging and should be simply discarded after use.

RECIPROC® Paper Points and RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha

The RECIPROC® product range includes sterile RECIPROC® Paper Points corresponding to RECIPROC® instrument sizes for efficient drying of root canals and RECIPROC® Gutta-Percha suitable for use with either cold or warm obturation techniques.

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Product Informations RECIPROC®

  1. User Brochure
  2. Product Brochure
  3. User Card
  4. Directions for Use RECIPROC® 

To view the RECIPROC information you need to have a “Adobe Acrobate Reader”-Software.